Anti-Rotation Knives and other parts for the Bottling Industry

At Precision Tork, we are an industry leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of torque control products. One of our target markets is bottle capping companies. We provide aftermarket parts for large-scale, automated bottle capping machines, including chuck cappers, snap cappers, and spindle cappers.

Our Bottle Capping Machine Parts

Our selection of products for bottle capping machines includes:

  • Bottle retention knives. Bottle retention knives are designed to hold bottling components during the capping process. We offer an anti-rotation variation that prevents spinning during capping operations. They feature a unique five-point design and hardened stainless steel construction for greater reliability and durability than other options available in the market. They are 100% interchangeable with their OEM counterparts.
  • Capping chucks. Capping chucks allow capping units to maintain a firm grip on a cap so they can apply enough force to tighten it securely onto a bottle. Our bottle cap chucks are made from pre-hardened stainless steel. They can be custom-engineered to accommodate unique cap profiles.
    • Single Piece (Rigid) Chucks
    • Mechanical Articulating Jaw Chucks
    • Pneumatic Chucks
    • Flexible Chucks
  • Capping clutches. Capping clutches perform the tightening action that screws a bottle cap onto a bottle thread. Our clutches are available in permanent magnetic and magnetic particle variations.
  • Capping headsets. Capping headsets ensure capping machines provide the proper amount of torque to tighten caps onto bottles. Our capping headsets utilize magnetic technology to provide constant torque, which eliminates the risk of overtightening and minimizes the amount of shock experienced by the component. They’re designed to directly replace OEM headsets.
  • Capping knockout rods. Knockout rods are spring-loaded components that allow for fast and easy removal of the capped bottle from the capping assembly.
  • Neck handling components. Bottle capping equipment needs to have the right components to grip and handle threaded necks securely. High-quality neck handling components reduce the risk of breakage or improper capping. Precision Tork designs and manufactures neck handling devices for filling machines and capping machines.
  • Spindles: Replacement spindles for existing OEM equipment as well as spindle rebuild programs customized to meet your needs.

Contact the Experts at Precision Tork for Your Replacement Bottle Capping Machine Part Needs

At Precision Tork, we offer a wide range of replacement parts for bottle capping machines. By partnering with us for their bottle capping machine part needs, our customers benefit from our:

  • Affordable prices. We supply replacement parts that are 100% interchangeable with original OEM parts at a lower cost. They are also designed and built for better durability than their counterparts, which ensures lower repair and replacement costs over time.
  • Quick delivery times. Our fast delivery services ensure customers receive parts when they need them, which reduces the amount of downtime and, consequently, profit loss.

If you need a replacement part, send us a sample, and we’ll send you a quote. For more information about our product offerings, contact us today.

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