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EDM is the acronym for Electrical Discharge Machine. At Precision Torque Control, Inc. we can use our wire EDM machine to cut any conductive metal. Basically, the wire EDM machine uses a very fine wire that is electrically charged. The wire follows a patch defined by the surface geometry of the part. As the wire follows this path it removes the conductive material in the path thereby cutting the material into the defined shape.

This process is ideal for cutting very hard materials or complex shapes. The process leaves no burrs and can hold very tight tolerances. It can be used for prototype work and small production runs. Another benefit of the EDM process is that the cut surface is very smooth with no tool marks.

Wire EDM machining opens up a whole new world of possibilities for cutting and machining OEM parts. The professionals at Precision Torque are on the leading edge of the EDM wire cutting industry, providing the most precise parts with the tightest tolerances available today. We use this and many other types of EDM and conventional machining processes to produce the exact component you need as efficiently as possible.

 Wire EDM-manufactured parts are everywhere, touching every part of our lives. Starting a car, boarding an airplane, or booting up a laptop are all possible thanks to electrical discharge machining.  For instance, Wire EDM makes it possible to cut steel without treating it with heat first. As a result, EDM manufacturing is a preferred choice for medical device manufacturers who make life-saving instruments out of carbon steel.

Precision Torques’ experienced EDM machinists have years, and in some cases, decades of experience properly setting up, programming, and finishing EDM work from start to completion.

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