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At Precision Torque Control, Inc. we offer laser welding service.  The laser welding machine is CNC controlled with an available rotary axis.  Whether your project is prototype work, small production or even large production we have the capability to meet your needs. 

Laser welding is a good choice for welding technology in situations requiring very high precision, low heat generation, consistent and repeatable welds with high strength joints. 

We can apply a very accurate weld to very small parts. Our laser welding machine can reduce the overall weld time, decrease secondary processes (grinding, straightening, finishing) and eliminate the use of filler material. Laser welding increases weld tensile strength which creates a higher quality part or assembly.

Laser Welding Machine At Precision Torque Control, Inc. 

This technology not only increases throughput but also improves accuracy. Laser welding improves form, fit and function while reducing labor, increasing material utilization and improving the aesthetics of your part or assembly. Our laser welding team can provide custom engineered solutions for your parts and assemblies. The laser welding cell paired with creative and unique part design methods give our customers the perfect tools to reduce cost and improve part quality. The Precision Torque team prides itself on short lead-times and quality product made to last!

We Can Apply A Very Accurate Weld To Very Small Parts.

We have the capability of using Nitrogen gas during our welding process which helps keep the weld area cool and clean. Our machine is ideally suited for smaller parts less than 5 inches in diameter. Please send us your 3D step file or 2D drawing for us to provide a quotation. .


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