Magnetic clutch and capping clutches


From time to time we like to keep our viewers updated with news and events.  Stay tuned to this page for the latest happenings at Precision Tork.

Precision Tork’s Welcoming a Brand New Product

Precision Tork’s Welcoming a Brand New Product Precision Tork located in Midland, Michigan is excited to introduce to our customers the Roll On Pilfer Proof Capping Headset, or ROPP.  This is a new product line that utilizes a method of capping that involves forming the threads of the cap when it is placed onto a…

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Pack Expo Las Vegas

Precision Tork is attending Pack Expo Las Vegas

Precision Tork is attending Pack Expo Las Vegas How exciting is it that Precision Tork is attending Pack Expo Las Vegas this year? We are so incredibly grateful!  It is a joy to see everyone’s packaging and processing solutions.  We hope you stop by the Precision Tork booth to take a look at some of…

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Frustration with downtime

Reduce Downtime At Your Bottling Facility

Reduce Downtime At Your Bottling Facility An expensive bottling company asset is being wasted every minute a bottling line is not running.  That is time unutilized to meet the high demand of the company’s bottling product.  When downtime extends for a long period of time, it may become difficult or even impossible to meet the…

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What Is A Capping Headset?

What Is A Capping Headset? There are many components on a capping machine.  No blog post could cover each component in depth.  You would need to write a whole book to cover everything.  In this blog post Precision Tork of Midland, Michigan will cover the capping headset which is just one of the many components. …

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Tailor Measuring a Customer

Capping Solutions Tailored To You

Capping Solutions Tailored To You Every bottling plant has one or more bottling lines.  These bottling lines can have a capper of whatever brand the plant chooses.  Each plant is bottling its own set of caps and bottles.  This means that every capping application is different.  Even if two bottling plants have the same capper,…

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Laser Welding

Precision Tork has Custom Machining Services

Precision Tork has Custom Machining Services Our custom machining services are now available at Precision Tork in Midland, Michigan!  If you need to have something cut with our wire edm, welded with our laser welder, turned through our swiss machine, or etched with our laser etcher, feel free to reach out.  Our team of expert…

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Precision Tork Visits Ferris State University

Precision Tork’s Visit to Ferris State University Was A Success Precision Tork is so glad that we had the opportunity to visit Ferris State University last week.  Speaking with everyone who stopped by was a blast.  We are looking for a couple mechanical engineers right now, so we will be reaching out to some of…

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Customer Success Langlade Springs

How Precision Tork works hand in hand with our clients to help facilitate their needs. All bottling companies run into issues with their cappers once in a while.  That is just part of life at a bottling plant.  Usually you can resolve the issue yourself with some changes to the machine alignment, environment of the…

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Precision Tork building expansion

Precision Tork Shop Expansion

We’re Expanding Our Shop! Precision Tork is taking another step forward! Within the last few years, we have seen a significant growth in our customer base and incoming orders. In an effort to keep our lead times as short as possible, we have decided to expand our facility. This expansion will include a large addition…

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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Cap Chuck Isn’t Stalling

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Cap Chuck Isn’t Stalling Are you using a precise target removal torque and noticing that your cap chuck failed to stall during cap application? There may be underlying issues that need to be addressed. Many companies use very precise target removal torque for several reasons. Using precise target removal torque…

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Exchange Program

Exchange Program There are many bottling plants today that struggle to keep their employees informed on how their equipment works.  This can result in reduced efficiency and unexpected crashes, leading to increased down time.  These crashes can be avoided if the equipment is properly maintained.  But this is easier said than done when very few…

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A set of stainless steel chucks and clutches. A few colored bottle caps

What is a Bottle Capping Chuck?

What is a Bottle Capping Chuck?  A bottle capping chuck is a tool that is used by a capping machine to grip the cap of a bottle so that it can be removed or applied. There are many different types of capping chucks, including those that are made of metal, plastic, and even rubber. Although,…

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Capping Chucks Basics

What is a Capping Chuck?  A capping chuck is integral to the bottle capping process, providing a means to grip the bottle cap during sealing operations on the production line. In its simplest form, a chuck is an aluminum or stainless steel structure with a rubber lining to grip onto the closure. It is important…

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Magnetic Capping Headsets Basics

At Precision Tork, we specialize in designing and engineering cutting-edge torque control products. Since 1995, we have been providing quality solutions with reasonable prices and fast delivery. To best serve the bottle capping market, we create precision magnetic capping headsets for quick and accurate operation on rotary capping machines.  What Is a Magnetic Capping Headset?…

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Cap Torque Guide

Since 1995, Precision Tork has been designing and engineering high-quality torque solutions for bottling companies. Our products are proudly made in Midland, Michigan, and our many partner distributors allow us to sell and service our products globally. Torque is an important component in bottling applications and refers to the amount of rotational force applied during…

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An Introduction to Bottle Capping Lines

At Precision Tork, we specialize in the design, manufacturing, and assembly of torque control products. Since our establishment in 1995, we’ve remained fully committed to providing quality solutions with rapid delivery and at reasonable prices. That’s why our customers and partner distributors trust us for their torque control product needs.  One of the primary markets…

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Perma-Tork® Permanent Magnet Comparison Guide

Capping and bottling processes need precision capping equipment to produce tight seals that protect the contents of bottles without damaging the structural integrity of the container. At Precision Tork, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality magnetic bottling headsets with a lifetime guarantee on our sealed magnets. Our headsets use cutting-edge hysteresis technology to tightly secure plastic…

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Man Opening Bottle

Is Your Product’s Cap Tight Enough?

Is Your Product’s Cap Tight Enough? Whenever you need to screw a CT cap onto a bottle, a torque test is a key part of the process. Proper measurement of torque control is essential to ensure that the threaded closure is properly engaged. Many people believe that the tighter the closure is applied, the chances…

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Capping Machine Maintenance

Capping Machine Maintenance

The Importance Of Effective Capping Machine Maintenance Any company that has invested in a capping machine needs to bear in mind that that isn’t the end of the matter. Ongoing and routine maintenance needs to be carried out on a regular basis to make sure that the bottle capping equipment continues to function at optimal…

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