Our unique manufacturing process minimizes problems

Wide Operating Torque Range Magnetic Particle Units

Precision Torque’s magnetic particle clutches and brakes operate with a rotating disc linked to a fixed member via magnetic powder. The DC coil magnetizes the powder, producing torque shear forces. Our magnetic particle clutches and brakes are unique because of the wide operating torque range available. We offer units with a torque rating of .4 in-oz up to 240 lb-in.

Torque to current is almost linear and can be controlled very accurately, even at extremely slow speeds. The unique features of the magnetic particle clutches and brakes make them ideal for tension control, load simulation, cycling/indexing, and soft starts and stops. We offer zinc plating for superior corrosion resistance. Precision Torque Control’s unique manufacturing process minimizes internal run-out and concentricity problems. This allows slower speed operation and vertical mounting. Custom designs readily available for special requirements.


Precision Tork is a direct interchange with Sofstep (Magpowr) and Placid

see cross-reference sheet below.
MagPowr Model Number Placid Model Number Precision Tork Model Number
PSC2-24V C2-24V  MPC2-1-24
PSC2-90V C2-90V  MPC2-1-90
PSC15-24V C15-24V  MPC15-1-24
PSC15-90V C15-90V  MPC15-1-90
PSC70-24V C70-24V  MPC70-1-24
PSC70-90V C70-90V  MPC70-1-90
PSC120-24V C120-24V  MPC120-1-24
PSC120-90V C120-90V  MPC120-1-90
PSB2-24V B2-24V  MPB2-1-24
PSB2-90V B2-90V  MPB2-1-90
PSB15-24V B15-24V  MPB15-3-24
PSB15-90V B15-90V  MPB15-3-90
PSB70-24V B60-H-24V  MPB70-1-24
PSB70-90V B60-H-90V  MPB70-1-90
PSB120-24V B150-H-90V  MPB120-1-24
PSB120-90V B150-H-90V  MPB120-1-90
PSB240-24V B220-24V  MPB240-2-24
PSB240-90V B220-90V  MPB240-2-90